For Your Entertainment…

I got a sick new camera. Specifically, this guy:

And while it’s no serious-photog cam, for a point-and-shoot, I’ve never been happier. Tons of options, and loads of clarity. And it’s fucking orange. So now, also as a shameless plug for my favorite Boston rocker (Matt Fazekas shoutout) I’ll show you some evidence of this camera’s skillz. Enjoy.
..And believe me, these boys sound as good as they look 😉

Sometimes My ADD Gets the Best of Me…

Yeah it’s been a while. Sometimes I get caught up in my, oh, career (MocoSpace shout out), and other sweet nothings such as:

  • 3 for $12 bottless of wine
  • My boyfriend playing live music, sometimes three times a week
  • Getting said gigs for said boyfriend
  • Designing a sick site for said musician/boyfriend ( shoutout)
  • Brunch, and getting a bill for 26 mimosas between five people.
  • Determining which leggings/dress/boots combo to wear for the day
  • Straightening my blonde afro
  • Joining Team Conan (sorry Andover roots, and Mr. Leno)
  • Twittering? (@alliebeau shoutout)
  • Facebooking (loser acknowledgment)
  • Cleaning my room seventeen times a week
  • Actively not shoveling snow
  • Playing the ghetto version of Supermarket Sweep at the Dollar Tree
  • And last but not least, the greatest entertainment achievement of our generation, making time for Jersey Shore.

Bare with me. I’ve been busy.

Dear Clairol,

When I decided, for once, I would save some money and dye my hair myself in between now and when I intend to get some highlights in a month, I figured I would keep it in the brunette/reddish family, go a little darker, maybe, and hopefully up the shine and just make it a little less boring.

So, when I picked up a box of your Natural Instincts Golden Shimmer collection in “Golden Mohagany”, I assumed it would be, like it said, a medium-brown shade with hints of gold and red.

I did NOT expect to look like a cross between Lindsay Lohan circa Mean Girls and the fucking Wendy’s Logo.

This is why I leave hair dying up to the professionals. Thanks for once again reminding me I have no qualifications to wield a bottle of color.

Your New Ginger Kid Customer.

PS–My fucking shower looks like a murder scene. Thanks.

Summer of Music!

So it’s been quite the season of concerts for me, starting all the way back in April with Kings of Leon at the Agganis Arena in Boston. Since then I’ve seen: Dave Matthews with Willie Nelson at Fenway Park (5/29), No Doubt with Paramore at the Comcast Center (6.20), Taking Back Sunday (my favs) with Anberlin at House of Blues Boston (6/27), and then Incubus at the Comcast Center a couple weekends ago (8/2)….

Next up= O.A.R. at the Bank of America pavilion in Boston tomorrow.
Never seen them live. Insanely excited. Hope to hear this awesome tune below.

Back at it…

There have been so many attempts to get this blog up and running, this site (and many others) functioning, and my life in working order, that the whole project has been scrapped too many times to count.

Scrapped, of course, in favor of dollar drafts. And concerts. LA visits and midwest trips. Sunday morning brunches and patio happy hours. Impromptu furniture painting and t-shirt designing. Kisses on busy Boston sidewalks. Dinner parties. Keg parties. Water gun fights. Yoga classes. Self-discovered culinary skills. Marathon phone calls. Inside jokes. Promotions, raises, and a legit “real” job. Red Sox games. Pedicures. Promises. Laughs. Family. And friends.

So while there may not be a completely valid excuse for three or so years on hiatus, if anything was worthy of my time, all of that was.

Now I’m back to share all this shit with you.