Bacon & Potato Breakfast Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday, everybody! I called these “breakfast tacos” because the ingredients are obviously morning fare. However, as someone with barely anything in my fridge aside from bacon right now, I can vouch that these would (and will!) make a deliciously hearty dinner as well. This recipe is super simple and could be whipped up […]

What to Make this Weekend – Potato & Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve told you what to make on weekends past, but never consistently. Like everything lately, I’m attempting to establish some semblance of order over here. Starting with some Friday recipes that will hopefully make their way into your kitchen some Saturday or Sunday morning. Sometimes it’ll be labor-intensive stuff, or the occasional […]

Adventures in Baking – Pomegranate Corn Muffins

Baking is relatively new for me. Well. To be honest, cooking in general just bridged beyond pasta-plus-some-other-stuff-plus-cheese-equals-dinner in recent years. Since moving to Dorchester and developing an addiction to Top Chef last year, I have begun to actually experiment in the kitchen with my meals. …Except, of course, dessert. How can one experiment when if […]